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Viking Pool Fence


When it comes to swimming pool safety, Viking Pool Fence is your best choice. Pool covers and nets must be put back on to work, while pool fence is the only barrier that stays in place protecting full time and still allows you to use your pool and outdoor areas. Viking Pool Fence is our own unique design and includes all the best components in the pool fence industry. Manufactured using only top quality materials to exact specifications, makes Viking Pool Fence a truly Premium Pool Fence that will look good, last for many years, and most of all, help you keep your children safe. You'll love the peace of mind knowing that you've made the right choice for your family.
The Top Features In The Pool Fence Industry
Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for children under five years of age in California and several other states, number two nationwide. You can help save them with our ultra safe four and five foot tall non-climbable Viking Pool Fence. We combine our beautiful Large Hole Specialty Mesh with UV inhibitors, and super strong Unbreak-a-Pole Hybrid Aluminum Poles with small 1/2" stainless steel rod bottoms, to give you Viking Premium Removable Pool Fence. See our Pool Fence Pictures for more Viking Premium Pool Fence.

You choose Viking Pool Fence because it's much safer than using chain link or wrought iron fencing. Children can't get a finger or toe hold into our mesh, which has a very strong rip stop see through vinyl coated polyester interlocking pattern. With no bar across the top, they have very little confidence in trying to climb over our soft top mesh fence. Always be sure to keep objects away from the pool fence to eliminate climbing hazards. Our mesh fence is removable, looks better, costs less, and you don't have to worry about rusting and replacing it as you do with metal fencing. You've found the finest materials available anywhere right here with our Viking Premium Removable Pool Fence, and when you go ahead with Viking Pool Fence, you can rest assured that it'll be tailored perfectly to suit your needs.

For many years, the only way to enter a pool fence was to open the mesh fencing at a split in the sections using a spring loaded safety latch, leaving the pool open for access by children. Although this method is still in use, a safer, more convenient and efficient solution was needed for a truly safe, reliable, and removable gate system. First of all, we found the best ideas in the industry, began with a rough draft, and kept refining our gate. Once testing was completed, we arrived at our final gate design, specifically engineered to operate with a removable mesh fencing system. Today, Viking Pool Fence has the answer with our advanced removable mesh pool fence gate.

Our top of the line Viking Gate employs a key lockable patented self-closing and self-latching hinge and latch system by Magna-Latch, awarded the “Kidsafe Product Award” from the Child Injury Prevention Foundation for award winning pool safety products and drowning prevention efforts, the prestigious Australian Design Award for Excellence in Design, and a Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Beginning with an idea using "rare earth" magnets that never lose their magnetic force, Magna-Latch devised a latching mechanism using engineering polymers and stainless steel to eliminate rust as well as jamming. This latch works perfectly for pool fence with no mechanical resistance to stop the striker from connecting with the latch. Like any other gate, you do need to check your pool fence gate from time to time for proper adjustment, which you can do easily with a screw driver in just a couple of minutes.

Viking Pool Fence has developed the most reliable gate for removable mesh pool fencing because of it's advanced design. We know that mesh pool fences are built on tension, and expand and contract with heat and cold, so the mesh fabric is tighter in colder weather and loses some tension in warmer weather. A conventional single pole designed gate truss allows the latch and striker to move too much and easily shift out of alignment, causing them to just bump into one another, requiring constant adjustment. Also, removing a single pole gate and then reinstalling it compounds the problem of a potential gate failure.

Our world class Viking Gate design does not totally depend on the tension of the fence around it. We use a double-sided truss on each side of our gate to add strength, increase stability, and minimize the need for adjustments. No other removable mesh pool fence gate does a better job of keeping your gate's latch working properly. The extra pole for the double-sided truss reduces the gate's dependence on the tension of the fence around it, so your Viking Gate will close each time you use it.

We know that a pool fence gate is the most important part of a pool fence system, and has to be the strongest component of the fence system. The frame and support members have to be able to withstand repeated openings and closings without failure, so our frames and trusses are constructed using square aluminum posts with a heavy duty wall thickness. All of the joints are mitered and welded to provide a stronger and more uniform appearance. All of this helps in preventing the frame and supports from bending or breaking. Once our gate construction is completed, it is then beautifully powder coated to provide a lasting finish that will give you years of maintenance free use and peace of mind.

Our popular black mesh is the most transparent color made, has UV inhibitors for long life, and sturdy borders made of PVC with polyester; other colors and mesh are available. The large holes used in our unique mesh are the perfect size to make it look transparent, yet are too small to make it climbable. This specialty mesh is made of an extremely tough vinyl coated polyester, with an interlocking rip stop pattern, not stamped or pressed, but woven, so a child can't tear or rip the fence. Beautiful, strong, and SGS tested, there isn't a safer, more durable, or better looking removable mesh pool fence available anywhere in the world. Our 1" 6063 grade aluminum hybrid Unbreak-a-Pole has just a 1/2" round pole bottom, so it only needs very small 5/8" holes drilled into the pool deck, or 1/2" PVC for dirt work. Our Unbreak-a-Pole bottom is made of 304 grade stainless steel rod, so it is much stronger and safer than standard 1" aluminum or fiberglass pole bottoms, and it saves you from having to replace bent or broken poles. A plastic sleeve is fit into the deck holes, which are the smallest needed in the pool fence industry, and can be covered with deck caps when the fence is removed. For most jobs, this virtually unbreakable pole is spaced every 36" along the fence line, and is beautifully powder coated in our most popular colors of black or chocolate brown, with other colors available.

Viking Pool Fence continues to look for ways to improve our pool fence system, and carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, so you know you'll always get the best from us. We have well over thirty years experience in the construction business, and have installed thousands of pool fences with a 100% safety record. Our experience and premium features will give you the look you want and the peace of mind you need, at a price you can afford.
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